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Moving with Pets: Tips & Tricks

Begin Planning Ahead of Time

If you begin packing a little each day, and adhering as closely as possible to your pet’s normal routine, there will be less stress for them and for you. Experts recommend several precautionary steps, to avoid trouble during a move in Austin.



Steps to Take to Ensure Pet Safety and Happiness:

  • Talk to your pet’s vet about stress reduction tactics or supplements that can ease the journey, even if it’s just across town. Get a copy of your pet’s medical files for their new vet.

  • Be sure to locate a good vet near your new home.

  • Have a new tag with your pet’s name and information made prior to the move.

  • If your journey will take more than one day, secure pet-friendly accommodations en route.

  • Know the leash and pet laws for your new location if it is a different state. Also, be absolutely familiar with the pet requirements of your lease if you are moving into a new apartment or rental home.

  • During moving, both out and in, keep your pet secure, so they have no opportunity to run away due to fear or confusion of changing environments.

  • During moving out and in, check on them regularly and try to maintain their schedule as close to normal feeding, walking, and play times as possible.

  • Should they run away, have a current picture to help new neighbors locate them.

If you’re moving to the Austin, TX area, it pays to compare residential movers before selecting the local moving company that’s right for you. It’s vital that any firm of apartment movers you contract be cognizant of the needs of your pet. Einstein Moving understands the need for swift, efficient action to help minimize everyone’s stress on moving day, and also to help reduce the risk of pet escape. They are the best choice for moving company’s in Austin, TX, because they pride themselves on quick, caring, and careful service—protecting your possessions and your peace of mind.